…is it?

Junet Student Broadband is an internet connection exclusively for students at Jönköping University.

The internet service is available in the majority of the student accommodations in and around Jönköping.

See below for information about where it’s available. Contact us if you’re unsure about the availability in your accommodation.


…can apply?

  • Are you a student at Jönköping University?
  • Do you have a valid Student ID or letter of acceptance?
  • Do you have a fiber connection in your home from Jönköping Stadsnät (Wetternet)?

Congrats! You qualify.


…much does it cost?

The cost of Junet Student Broadband varies depending on where you live. In some accommodations Junet is included in the rent, in some you have a shared wifi connection, and sometimes you pay a monthly fee. In short there are four categories of different broadband setups. See below for a complete list of addresses to what type of internet connection you have, accompanied with prices.


If you live in one of the addresses below Junet is included in your rent and you only pay a one-time fee of SEK 100 for the activation of your internet service.


Barnarpsgatan 35C
Birkagatan 40
Fabriksgatan 7
Kilallén 8A, 8B
Kärrhöksgatan 80-100
Norra Bogesundsgatan 2
Smålandsgatan 5
Västra Storgatan 4D
Västra Storgatan 28
Åsenvägen 5
Östra Storgatan 39A, 39C (Yellow/Gray house)


30 Mbit/s is included in the rent. If you feel the need for speed you can upgrade to: 100/100 Mbit for 100 SEK/month


If you live in one of the addresses below you have a shared WIFI-connection in your accommodation. You don’t have to pay an activation fee. The password will be given to you by your landlord.


Barnarpsgatan 99 (Linsen)
Hemstigen 2B, 4A, 4B, 6A, 6B
Ekhagsringen (Ekhagen)


If you live in one of the addresses below you pay a discounted monthly fee for your internet service from Junet.


Västra Storgatan 35
S:T Pedersgatan 4-8
Lasarettsgatan 5C / Kungsgatan 8C

10/10 Mbit: 29 SEK/month
30/30 Mbit: 49 SEK/month
100/100 Mbit: 89 SEK/month


We can probably deliver Junet Broadband for you even if you don’t live in any of the accommodations stated above. Your address is probably not included in the price packages above although we can still give you a student discount, provided you’re a student at Jönköping University and have fiber from Jönköping Stadsnät (Wetternet) in your home.

10/10 Mbit: SEK 209/month
30/30 Mbit: SEK 269/month
100/100 Mbit: SEK 289/month
250/250 Mbit: SEK 389/month
500/500 Mbit: SEK 469/month
1000/1000 Mbit: SEK 539/month


…do I register?

Important notice: New temporary guidelines due to covid-19

Please click here to read the latest instructions on how to activate your student broadband ”included in the rent”.

The same applies to all student accommodations (except ”wifi included”), except that costs differ.

You need to visit Junet’s office.

When you visit us you need to bring the following with you:

  • Rental agreement for your accommodation
  • Student ID (or letter of admission from Jönköping University)
  • Passport/ID
  • SEK 100 (only if you live in an accommodation with Junet ”included in the rent”, see the ”How much does it cost?” section above)

Please note that if you live in an accommodation with ”wifi included” (see ”how” above) you don’t need to visit our office.


Klostergatan 56
553 35, Jönköping

It’s located cirka 900 meters from Jönköping University.

If you go by bus, take bus 1 or 3. The nearest bus stop is ”Torpaplan”. See Jönköpings Länstrafik for bus schedules.

Map to Broadband