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Student Broadband

Campus Växjö


Junet provides the broadband service 10/10 in your accommodation, without additional costs. All you have to do is activate it. You can also upgrade to a service with more bandwitdh.

I want to activate my broadband I want to upgrade my broadband




Activate my internet

To begin, you need to be in your accommodation and follow the instructions below.

  • Connect a computer or router to your fiber connection
  • Open a browser
  • Follow the instructions on the Wexnet portal
  • Surf!

If it does not work contact Wexnet Customer Service.



Upgrade your internet connection

You can upgrade your connection to a service with more bandwidth by ordering it here on our site. You can also do it through Wexnet’s portal by following the link below followed by scrolling to Junet’s services.

Order through Order through Wexnet

If you want any assistance don’t hesitate to call us on +46 10-220 12 20 or by writing to